Update Copyright for 2009

Copywright Logo from Business ImageDon’t forget to update your copyright information for 2008.  Most websites and companies have some sort of copyright webpage that needs to be updated for 2009.

In today’s world of template run websites the change is relatively easy to make.  There are many different CMS Systems and blogs.  The most common is WordPress and perhaps the easiest to change without an advanced knowledge of code. To edit the footer in WordPress:

From the admin panel select Appearance -> Editor -> Footer -> Change Copyright Year -> Update File

WP-ADMIN update appearance footer screenshot theme

* Copyright image from Business Image

SEO Break – Back in the Saddle Again

Back in the Saddle AgainAfter an unexpected break from blogging I am back from a few months of silence.

Over the past few months I have been honing my development skills in addition to getting back in to politics.  As I have indicated before… Once upon a time I worked in Politics.  I have been both a volunteer, activist, and professional in politics for the last 8 years.  Due to unforeseen circumstances related to the current state of the economy I decided it best to pursue using my degree and experience to join on the bandwagon.

I have taken a job on the ground in Oakland County, Michigan on the outskirts of Detroit working for a non-profit organization that shares similar values to me and most importantly the same goal.  After the election is over, November 4th, I will be back in the market pursuing a job as a regular person.  Aren’t we all just regular?  No, or at least a few months ago I didn’t think so.  I had convinced myself somehow that I was special.  In that  last few years I have worked hard and some how imagined myself  to be someone I am not.  In reality my illusion was allowing me to get away from what matters most.  Happiness. After years of working for even higher profile figures than me gave me hopes and dreams to be them.  After spending a summer with my parents taught me that it was all an illusion.  After spending months drifting about my parents house I came to the realization,  “I am regular!”  In fact I want to be regular.

As I came out of my daze I blew a couple interviews, unintentionally just did bad, and realized I love SEO and the challenge to the constantly changing SEO Universe.  But my place in the SEO community is low on to totum poll.  Sure I could rise to the top of the SEO community but that would bring very little to me.  So after this election is complete I will be back in SEO only part-time.  I am going to follow my instinct and go for a regular job with stability and most importantly with benefits.  I will continue to blog for personal fun and work with clients on a part-time basis.  Focusing on smaller numbers of clients will give me the ability to help create the perfect plan all the while not neglecting what is important to me.  I have two personal choices ahead of me.  1.  Return home and hope to get a good paying rewarding job (thinking something in construction or mill work). 2. Move back to DC and work my way up in government or the non-profit world.

The full-time life in SEO consulting is a bit to much stress in combination of high profile jobs is what drove me into the fog and ultimate burn out.  I want a full time job that at the end of the day or week I can look at and be proud of.  Weather that justification comes from hard work on an issue of championing a piece of legislation or helping family farmers navigate the rigors of Washington.  Being able to take a pile of dirt and create something like build a new Eco friendly power plant or make steel pipe that is helping end the dependency on foreign oil.  I want to be able to fulfill a quote may dad says very frequently “When they put me down in the ground. People will say there goes somebody that made a difference”.

How will SEO and your SEO business going to fit into that?  The same way I originally intended for it to be. I am going to put it back in the hobby category and part-time employment.  I am not ending SEO I am just not going to do as much as I was.

In my break I did lots of work on the growing area of Content Management systems and new technology using Adobe Flex.  Those article are sure to come at some point.  So stay tuned for updates.  I am adding an e-mail subscription via feedburner so that it can be delivered to your e-mail.  I have been writing on my personal blog lately about politics and other things.  Just so much going on in the world that needs my attention!

HSLF LogoIn Michigan I am working with the Humane Society Legislative Fund.  I am heading up their “boots on ground” campaign.

Humane Society Legislative Fund is a social welfare organization incorporated under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. HSLF works to pass animal protection laws at the state and federal level, to educate the public about animal protection issues, and to support humane candidates for office.

In this case I am heading up their team in Michigan’s Congressional District 9.  One of the most highly contested and closest races in the country.  To be asked to spear head this operation is very much a privilege and an honor.

As you know from previous posts I am a big supporter of non-profits and charities.  So instead of sharing a link for charity how about dropping them a donation.  It helps secure more than just your pets and wildlife it protects human rights also.  They are just as concerned with our well being as any other organization.  They are currently in the fight for changing the current state of affairs.  No other politically affiliated organization needs your help more.  Please donate $10 or more.  If you can’t give money try giving them a link and a spot in one of your post.

Mozilla Firefox 3

Mozilla launch the stable version of Firefox 3 this past Tuesday. I don’t know if the numbers are in you bet they were trying to set a record number of downloads.

Firefox 3

I have been using Firefox exclusively for a couple years now and the last release really crushed my dedication. I hope that FireFox has the bugs worked out and is chugging along. So far so good for me. It may still be a little bit heavy on the memory usage still but it wouldn’t be firefox any other way. Also my most used plugins aren’t compatible but believe they are shortly behind and anticipating their update.

So check it out and download yours today.

Firefox 3

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! Thats right today was Fathers day. My post is a little late as I was spending time with me dad.

My most revet post have been off topic and I hope to return to my regular post soon but I wanted to take a minute to tell you about my dad.

My dad is fantastic. He is my hero. My father is the epitome of what a father should be. He has been there for me even before my consciousness was present. When I was born my dad got laid off in part because of the situation President Reagan caused. He was laid off for more than two years. That wasn’t going to stop him from providing for my family. My dad worked every odd job he possibly could. He even started a bust business with some fellow family that he ended up getting screwed in. He always made sure there was food on the table and his family had the best money could provide. He is the type of person that likes to do the work and doesn’t need recognition for it. He views it as his duty. Don’t tell him he did a good job. It is what a father is supposed to do. He is no Hollywood dad as those characters aren’t half the person he is.

He taught me values, built my character, and contributed to the person I am today. He instilled hard work values into me as he is as a union laborer. The rough hands from years of swinging hammers and fixing mechanices were really soft. Soft in the sense that his heart shined through when he touches, comforts, and consules you. His soft and careing demeanor have transfered to me. I hope one day the values I learned from you can one day transfer to my family. I hope to grow and become half the man you are. Dad, you are an incredible human being. A shining example of what a father is supposed to be. I love you and lok forward to the years ahead.


As I grow older I realize that one day I may not get to always have you. I can’t imagine a world that we don’t coexsist in. As you know, I only know 1 on of my grandfathers that died almost 16 years ago now. I hope that my children get to learn from you what I have. If not rest assured that that the character you helped me grow to be will shine through. Again, Dad I love you with all of my heart.

Your son,

Chris Estes

Twitter Troll

It is official I am a twitter troll. But what makes me a twitter troll?

A while back I posted about twitter and how I was beginning to use it. As many plans with social media, I failed on my initial trial.

So what makes me a Troll? I always have the nifty Twhirl* twitter console/application open. I never update about what I am doing as I don’t think people are interested in what I am doing. I wish I was as entertaining as these characters. Brian Wallace post about everything, eating popcorn, going to the grocery store, and I bet he twitters in the Tub. Jennifer Laycock talks about what she is reading constantly. How can she be reading if she is Twittering? Kalena Jordan’s “bitch of the day” or latest ranting about who is messing with her in Australia are just out right entertaining. Then theres Matt Cutts’s posting about something that might as well be written in a secret hidden language only Nicolas Gage in Disney’s National Treasure can read.

My life isn’t interesting. I troll around the internet and read about others interesting lives. I haven’t found the greatest utility in Twitter but it is ever entertaining. It is like having a webcam view into the daily lives of ordinary people. The great thing I like about it is that spammers have not yet invaded me. Some of the basics of Twitter allow me to view only the people I want to anyway so I don’t have to worry about them.

So yes when I am on my computer my Twhirl app is open and I am watching you. I might not update often but you better believe I am lurking around.

Adobe Air Logo

* Twhirl is an application built around Adobe’s Air. For those of you who don’t know about Air yet you will. I have been watching Adobe Air for some time and super excited about the possibilities. It does have quite a few SEO problems but hey that makes life fun.