Twitter Troll

It is official I am a twitter troll. But what makes me a twitter troll?

A while back I posted about twitter and how I was beginning to use it. As many plans with social media, I failed on my initial trial.

So what makes me a Troll? I always have the nifty Twhirl* twitter console/application open. I never update about what I am doing as I don’t think people are interested in what I am doing. I wish I was as entertaining as these characters. Brian Wallace post about everything, eating popcorn, going to the grocery store, and I bet he twitters in the Tub. Jennifer Laycock talks about what she is reading constantly. How can she be reading if she is Twittering? Kalena Jordan’s “bitch of the day” or latest ranting about who is messing with her in Australia are just out right entertaining. Then theres Matt Cutts’s posting about something that might as well be written in a secret hidden language only Nicolas Gage in Disney’s National Treasure can read.

My life isn’t interesting. I troll around the internet and read about others interesting lives. I haven’t found the greatest utility in Twitter but it is ever entertaining. It is like having a webcam view into the daily lives of ordinary people. The great thing I like about it is that spammers have not yet invaded me. Some of the basics of Twitter allow me to view only the people I want to anyway so I don’t have to worry about them.

So yes when I am on my computer my Twhirl app is open and I am watching you. I might not update often but you better believe I am lurking around.

Adobe Air Logo

* Twhirl is an application built around Adobe’s Air. For those of you who don’t know about Air yet you will. I have been watching Adobe Air for some time and super excited about the possibilities. It does have quite a few SEO problems but hey that makes life fun.

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  1. Um, thanks?

    and for the record:

    1 – apparently, you were interested enough as to what I was doing
    2 – I don’t tweet about picking my nose
    3 – nor do I Tweet from the bath
    4 – my name is not Brain (thx though)
    5 – did I post about popcorn?

    Perhaps you might want to also Tweet a bit more rather than a handful a month, and follow a few more people. Didn’t really mean to make this come off as harsh, but I really don’t feel that you painted an accurate picture of how I contribute to Twitter. I’m on there a lot posting interesting/breaking news and things I observe. Yes – going to the grocery store isn’t breaking news, yet its just keeping a pulse of what I’m doing.

  2. Brian (notice the spelling) – I follow you because you do contribute valuable information. I came off a little weird – going back to rewrite now!

  3. I reworded the post. If you are viewing this for the first time notice I changed it up a little to take some of the unintended harsher language out. The integrity of the article is intact.

    Brain- Didn’t mean it to come out that way.

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