Mozilla Firefox 3

Mozilla launch the stable version of Firefox 3 this past Tuesday. I don’t know if the numbers are in you bet they were trying to set a record number of downloads.

Firefox 3

I have been using Firefox exclusively for a couple years now and the last release really crushed my dedication. I hope that FireFox has the bugs worked out and is chugging along. So far so good for me. It may still be a little bit heavy on the memory usage still but it wouldn’t be firefox any other way. Also my most used plugins aren’t compatible but believe they are shortly behind and anticipating their update.

So check it out and download yours today.

Firefox 3

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  1. Yep absolutely great. Yet one part of me which has been hurt a few times by Microsoft Internet Explorer begun and still wonders.

    Could anyone show me what differences are there between “Strict Mode” and of the new/beta IE8′s the Standards Mode ? Because my newest site is built (and most others) to the strict mode (not to the Transotional) so it works perfect through all FireFox’s, IE7 only, and Safari, Opera. But it looks as if webmasters will need to enable the thing called Non-Default mode in beta IE8, wondering whether also final launch….. ? So far it breaks sites.

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